Your key to legendary food

Austrian Treasures offers world-class quality food to your exclusive dining tables. Your affluent, demanding customers are directly offered hand-made organic products (e.g. fruit juices) from each professional, small-scale farmer who treasures his special edition for you in harmony with nature.

What does it mean? For instance, our premium organic apple juice is made of sun-ripened apples from the Austrian Alps. They were harvested manually by the farmer´s family, squeezed and bottled within two days in the very same region … hand-made to the highest quality standards!

Each product goes beyond physical features and embeds you into the region of origin by telling you a real legend. A story passed on over centuries, building bridges with topics that move all humans, beyond borders. We have found artisan produce, from unique craftsmen whom we know and trust. There is no anonymity – true value persists beyond first glance. Taste this unique passion for quality and kindly get in contact with us to explore more legendary products via