Welcome to a wonderful journey to real food!

You may have faced the pursuit to get real and good food. All you can see is a lack of quality, too much processing, far away from actually grown sources. You may have tried organic products, but again: it is industrialized production, processed until all the ingredients lack vitality … Austrian Treasures puts a successful end to your search: premium, hand-crafted, organic products, based on highest quality standards. Food you can trust. From tree to bottle – from farm to fork!


Austrian Treasures is a world-class quality brand brought to you by the start-up company of Fairnetzt which was founded in Graz (Austria) in 2016. For contacting you can also send a message to office { a } fair-netzt.net

Legal Info:

Fairnetzt e.U.
Austrian Treasures
A-8051 Graz
Austria, Europe